Casino Management System

Casino Management System


OJCMS™  Accounting system is a fundamental module of the casino management system. Its primary function is to handle fiscal information and gather other important data from the slot floor and present it to the casino management. This is done by physically connecting all the slot machines on the floor with the floor server, extracting the important information from the slot machines and sending this information to the server.

Physical connections are provided by hardware. A small device called  GI200 interface is implanted into the slot machine and directly linked to the main board. The GI200 collects and channels gathered information through the ethernet network to the floor server.

The software part of the OJCMS™  Accounting can then use this data base to provide different tools which are available to users through various user interfaces and on various PC workstations (management, head office).


  • – Supports slots and roulets of all manufacturers
  • – Real-time meters status collection
  • – Fast installation
  • – Stable and reliable
  • – Single or Multi-site configuration
    • – Event monitoring and alerting
    • – Complete control over slot machine access
    • – Automatic meters recordings
    • – Financial history for individual slot machine
    • – Full management
    • – Multiuser access permissions
    • – Alerting via SMS or e-mail
    • – Extensive analytics
    • – Multilingual
    • – Slot machine efficiency reports
    • – Malfunctions alerts
    • – On-line slot  status reviews
  • – Management surveillance

Technical Info


OJCMS™  Accounting hardware comes designed  fit into different slot machines. The interface unit GI200 is associated with up to 10 independent sensors covering accesses to all critical slot machine parts.

– 10 independent sensors controlling accesses

– heavy duty and low maintenance

– compatible with SAS slot machines

– compatible with non-SAS or slots machines without any protocol

– autonomous power feed

– battery backup

– communication protocols TTL, RS232, RS242

– galvanical bridge between COM ports and PU

– data retained for 7 days


Floor network – the Ethernet is made to connect slot machines with the floor server. The network architecture includes switches and power suply, which provide power over the Ethernet to the GI200. The switch merges from the slot machines connects the floor server. The server supports an outgoing communication line for remote access and support.


All  OJCMS™  software modules are designed to work within the Linux operating system to offer totally user-friendly environment.

Each system user can access the software application with username and password, which define his system permissions. These permissions are predefined by upper management and can be defined for a single user or group of users.Users can access the application from almost anywhere, simply using a VPN (Virtual Private Network) connection.

Slot Machines Technical Requirements

OJCMS™ is designed to connect with slots using SAS protocol, or using mechanical counters (for the machines who do not have any protocol)

OJCMS™  support the SAS protocol from 3.10 until 6.2

OJCMS™  support also machines without protocols, only need in out bet and win mechanical counters (This option is limited by the amount of information that we have)

Server and Database

OJCMS™  module uses Floor Servers with Linux debian operating system.

For a Multisite configuration (connection of multiple venues into one unique system), one additional Central Server is required for HQ. It runs on the same platform as local Floor Servers in each and every Casino.