Infogram is privately-held company, founded in 2011 and headquartered in Serbia with young, but professionally trained team. We always try to distinguish ourselves from the other software companies, because our gaming and betting software guarantee high-quality, product innovation and technical eccellence. We are commited to provide you the best success of your bussiness, and we also try to dedicate ourselves to each new customer.

Infogram appreciate integrity, trust, respect and gradual progression. We are committed to building strong business relationships with our clients and nothing will stop us to provide and their happiness. We are ready to provide you with excellent gaming and betting software.

Our values

From the beginning, Infogram have certain principles and values.

  • We carefully choose every employee to create a good and creative team of experts that will answer on any of your question.
  • We care about our team and stuff, treat them all equally and offer them new opportunities for advancement.
  • We are helping each other by sharing knowledge, successs and failures. We always ready to face new challenges.
  • We affirm the originality, that’s why our team is full of creative young professionals ready to show what they know
  • We always try to appreciate the simplicity
  • We respect the true experience, because our team is trying to improve our sistem all the time
  • We play fair and we care about our partners and clients, we always listen closely to understand their needs
  • Each member of our team is eager for new knowledgeand constantly strive to learn new technologies
  • We are always open to new ideas and criticisms, we are flexible and don’t afraid of change
  • We look for new opportunities to improve the quality and creative design

Our Mission

Infogram’s primary goal is the satisfaction of our customers and associates. Our mission is to demolish the existing technological barriers to the increasingly complex demands of today’s market comply with the incessant desire of our partners to be innovative. With our complete tool suite, we enable our partners to leverage our industry-leading technology to both grow their business and differentiate themselves. Therefore, our creative team have constant contact with clients so that together we come up with real results that will be to our mutual satisfaction. We can give you any type of assistance in the field of software solutions because we always strive for improvement. We are commited to offering our partners the best software across the world.  Concern for our clients and partners is one of our mission and it gives us a huge advantage over the competition. That’s why we always try to be provocative and take responsibility.

Our Vision

Infogram’s basic idea is to enable a flexible and advanced technology in the field of betting and gaming software solutions, thanks to our high quality tools. Our vision is to be one of the national leaders in this field, that’s why we try to:

  • Create an incredible team of creative experts
  • Meet the diverse needs of our clients in order to create stable relationships
  • Allow reasonable prices in this field
  • Explore new learning opportunities
  • Beat our competiton

The company is the part of Microsoft BizSpark program.